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In Brackets with Shaun Allen

Dec 11, 2017

Jeremy Neale is recognised as one of Australia's most talented pop songwriters, receiving the Grant McLennan Fellowship last week in addition to great reviews of his new album Getting the Team Back Together. Jeremy joins Shaun in the mattress palace to chat day jobs, musical trends, and sleeping on a bed of Alec...

Nov 28, 2017

Ben Ellwood cut his teeth in the Sydney comedy circuit for over a decade, performing alongside acts like Sam Simmons and Marc Maron. Ben and Shaun chat about about Twin Peaks, the intolerance from the left, and the impact of the Holocaust on Ben's family.


Music by WAWAWOW.

Nov 12, 2017

The Cops have been one of Shaun's favourite bands since the age of 14. Frontman Simon Carter joins in to chat the recording process, labels, making party music as a dad and Hitler's failed Russia campaign.

Music by The Cops, Simon Carter, Beat Club and WAWAWOW.

Nov 5, 2017

With a ferocious yet dynamic approach to the kit, watching Skarlett Saramore on drums is a show in itself. She joins fellow drummer Shaun to chat gigs, recording, depression awareness and the brilliance of Narla.


Music by Particles, Fait Accompli, Shaun Allen and WAWAWOW.

Oct 29, 2017

Stephen Tannos cut his teeth in the world of dance, choreographing for artists such as Sam Sparro, The Presets and Ricky Martin. Stephen and Shaun delve into the last ten years since the end of their bland high school band Dammit Janet, as well as emailing on the toilet, anxiety, and a review of R Kelly's Trapped In...